“Just one electronic listening ‘bugging’ device, strategically placed in your company’s boardroom, could jeopardise your future plans and divulge the company’s most confidential information…”


The Threat
Although once the preserve of spies, secret agents and the likes of James Bond, the technology behind covert/secret listening devices, bugs and audio transmitters is now easy to come by. With spy technology being built into such items as video pens, electrical plugs, key fobs and an increasingly diverse array of everyday items, those intent of capturing and recording your information, whether private of business, can do so with ease. Defending private information against such risks requires specialised knowledge, training and the deployment of an array of expensive countermeasures equipment designed to seek out and locate these devices regardless of how well hidden or disguised.

Knowledge & Know How:
IPS Solutions: With twenty-five years’ experience in the field, supplying counter surveillance equipment, countermeasures training and procedural advise to Governments, Law Enforcement Agencies and Sweep teams worldwide, IPS offers a selection of security solutions. These solutions are principally aimed at those for whom the protection of critical and confidential information is of primary concern such as Government Agencies, Multi-National Corporations, High Net Worth Individuals, Financial & Legal Institutions, etc.

Equipped For The Challenge:
Having been the leading International Distributor for REI for the past fifteen years, IPS have the largest and most up-to-date inventory of electronic countermeasures equipment in the UK. Taking full advantage of this inventory, International Procurement Services Ltd maintain a ‘sweep’ team of trained specialist engineers who are equipped with the very latest electronic countermeasures equipment including the OSCOR GREEN, TALAN, SEARCHLIGHT and ORION 3.3W Non Linear Junction Detectors with which to search for all forms of transmitters and illicit intrusion devices.

Several of our engineers are ex Special Forces with many years’ experience at countering such threats and are, therefore, qualified to advise on all types of information security together with methods to combat electronic eavesdropping. Apart from the UK, during the past two years, the I.P.S. sweep team have operated in Hungary, Lithuania, Portugal, Spain, France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Japan, South Africa and North & South America to name just a few countries.

Selecting a Sweep Team:
 In our opinion there are probably less than ten professional sweep teams in the UK.  Almost every private detective agency and guarding company offers ‘debugging services’ but in most cases they will either sub-contract the investigation or attempt the search themselves without the necessary equipment or the slightest idea of what they are actually looking for . A professional TSCM company will have invested anywhere up to £200,000 in equipment together with training to find the latest complex devices. A simple test is to ask for a list of the equipment that will be used in particular to detect the latest GSM transmitters.  GSM transmitters are devastatingly effective but notoriously hard to find without very expensive dedicated equipment.

You are welcome to telephone us anonymously for advice and a professional opinion.  Please note this advice is limited to  government or corporate clients only as we do not deal with individual members of the public.

Defending Boardroom Confidentiality:
If you feel your company’s information may be at risk or consider that you are the target of an eavesdropping campaign IPS can advise by supplying tailored and affordable solutions. For 24/7 rapid response to your enquiry… Contact us or call + 44 (0)20 72583771

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IPS  SEARCH TEAM We have Website dedicated to this service, securitysearch.co.uk, The site offers a selection of advice and guidence for those looking to sweep team services. PLease have a look and feel free  to contact us as we are alsways  happy to answer any questions relating to Technical Countermeasure Searches and our Professional Sweep Team services.