The latest version of the REI TALAN Digital Telephone Line Analyser has now been released. It is the absolute state-of-the-art in telephone detection equipment and designed to detect illicit taps and bugs on either analogue or digital telephone lines.

As the main international distributor, I.P.S. placed significant forward orders for the TALAN and are now in a position to offer theTalan from our stock held here in London.

Typical of an REI product the TALAN Digital Telephone Line Analyser uses a totally new concept and is truly innovative offering numerous highly complex analysing facilities, including digital audio demodulation, yet having a simple user friendly interface.

We do have a demonstration model available, please contact us to arrange an appointment.

Please click on the link below to download the latest brochure and technical specification or e-mail us for further information.

The Talan is often quoted alongside the Oscor green and Orion2.4

  • Combines multiple testing capabilities into a single piece of equipment
  • Automatic internal pair switching matrix performs tests on all pair combinations
  • Quickly performs common test functions including:



    • Multimeter tests (voltage, current, resistance, capacitance)
    • RF Broadband Detector (up to 8GHz)
    • Spectrum Analyzer (up to 85MHz)
    • High Gain Audio Amplifier
    • Bias Generator ±80 VDC
    • Audio Oscilloscope with active input (20Hz to 20KHz)
DPA-7000 Advancements
  • Digital Demodulation to confirm that the telephone line is not passing audio
  • Frequency Domain Reflectometer (FDR) to check for taps on the line
  • Line Non-Linear Junction Detector (NLJD) Functionality to detect electronics connected to a line
  • NLJD Line Trace Probe for tracing wires and locating electronics
  • Multi-Test Database System provides the ability to perform multiple tests, on all pair combinations, storing data in a database for comparison against other lines and historical comparison

Control System

  • Primary Computer: 32bit RISC processor, 520MHz
  • Internal Memory: 64MB SDRAM (OS), 64MB Flash
  • External Memory: Compact Flash to 2GB



    User Interface

  • Hard Keys: 6 Soft Menu Keys, 5 Button Quadrant Navigation & other dedicated keys
  • Encoder: High-Resolution Optical Encoder
  • Integrated Touch Screen with Stylus
  • Test Inputs:



    • Dual MOD8: Supports 2, 4, 6, & 8 wire Modular Phone Jacks
    • Banana Type: Standard sleeved sockets: Ring, Tip, and Earth
    • SMB RF Input: RF/Antenna Connection to 8 GHz Broadband Detector
    • Expansion Port: Supports communication & measurement for use with future accessories