SCANMAIL 10K Mail Screening Equipment


SCANMAIL 10K Mail Screening Equipment

Fast, safe and cost effective mail screening equipment for the detection of postal bombs


  • Packages up to 2.25 ins (6 cms) thick can be checked
  • Excellent discrimination between potentially dangerous contents and paper clips, staples and metal tags
  • Designed for use by secretaries, receptionists and mailroom staff without any requirement for special training
  • Reliable and easy to use with negligible false alarm rate

SCANMAIL 10K is part of a new generation of microprocessor-controlled mail screening equipment which will reliably screen all your mail and courier deliveries up to about telephone directory size.

It will detect virtually all known letterbomb detonating devices regardless of the type of explosive used, whether plastic or otherwise.

The SCANMAIL 10K is specifically programmed to automatically alarm on packages containing potentially dangerous contents, such as explosive devices, whilst reliably ignoring the normal office stationary items contained in your mail such as paperclips, staples and metal tags.

This high level of selectivity is achieved without any loss of the forensic standard protection it provides. The sensitivity level is set at the factory and cannot be reduced by its users. A special test card is supplied to allow customers to check the correct functioning of the unit each time it is switched on. In this way there is no false sense of security.

The SCANMAIL 10K employs simple touch pad operation and requires no specialist training.

It will run off an ordinary mains socket and also incorporates its own internal battery should your mains power fail.

This unit is completely portable and takes up as little valuable desk space as normal office printers or mailroom scales. In addition, the mail screening equipment is completely safe to use and does not damage camera film, magnetic tape nor computer discs.

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