Scanmax 25 x-ray

Scanmax 25 x-ray

Scanmax 25 x-ray classic is the most popular cabinet x-ray machine for general purpose mail and parcel security x-ray screening.

Scanmax 25 x-ray has a large capacity x-ray mailscreening chamber of 56 x 42 cm making it the perfect postal x-ray scanner for checking bundles of letters, courier deliveries, york trays, parcels and handbags.

The Scanmax 25 x-ray produces an extremely detailed x-ray image of an item’s contents which is displayed on screen for fast and easy viewing. The Scanmax 25 x-ray software offers a range of colour density based contrasts, allowing operators to quickly and accurately distinguish between legitimate harmless items and malicious mail and be able to instantly confirm a parcel’s safety.

Compact and Easy to Use

Scanmax 25 is a freestanding postal security x-ray screening cabinet combining a large screening chamber with a compact physical size. It is designed for ease of use by non-technical staff and the front loading door and small footprint mean it can be located virtually anywhere in the workplace.

Image Enhancements

Images are automatically enhanced for optimum clarity with the option to be shown in negative. There are also several image enhancement options for highlighting low, medium and high density materials as well as for defining powders, syringes and circuitry.

Image enhancements are made using a simple handheld mouse. All images are stored on screen until the next x-ray exposure is made.

Both Scanna and customer tests have shown that Scanmax Colorscan x-ray scanners are able to clearly view powders in envelopes provided the envelopes are scanned flat in small batches (up to 40 envelopes on top of the envelope containing powder).

Versatile Monitor

The 17″ flat screen monitor can sit on top of unit, on top of desk or be remote wired to a security control room.

This is an advantage over postal cabinet x-ray units incorporating a built in monitor (remote viewing possible and no unit shutdown or expensive maintenance due to monitor error- simply swap over monitor!)

Advanced Options

The optional Scanprint facility allows you to print, email and archive x-ray images while the Network model allows you to link your x-ray machine up to a pc on your network to save and view images remotely.

Safe and Secure

Scanmax 25 cabinet X-ray machines produce only very low level x-rays and conform to all published international Electrical Safety and Radiation Standard. Each x-ray cabinet is issued with a Radiation Safety and Test Certificate. It is completely safe for use by any person including pregnant women.

User Training

A range of Operator Training Programmes and X-ray Image Recognition Charts is available.

We also sell a compact desk-top cabinet x-ray unit for letters and small A4 size packages – Scanmax 15 and an advanced mail and parcel cabinet x-ray scanner – Scanmax 225.

Scanmax 25 is designed and tested to comply to the British Security Industry Standard: PAS97:2012 Specification for Mailscreening as well as US FDA Standards for Cabinet X-ray systems CFR 1020.40.