Equipped for the challenge


All IPS courses are tailored to suit the specific skill sets of attendees. The following are outlines of our standard 3/4 day TSCM course which is basically designed for users of REI equipment.  By its very nature TSCM work is centred around the specific manufacturer’s equipment the operator will be using and for this reason we do not agree with those companies that attempt to offer a ‘general’ TSCM course  regardless of the equipment the client will eventually use. In many cases they have very limited knowledge of the individual techniques used by specific equipment such as REI’s TALAN or OSCOR GREEN and for this reason we advise all prospective clients for training to apply direct to the manufacturers of their equipment i.e.  IPS, Audiotel, Shearwater, Winkelmann etc.

Electronic Counter Measures  1st DAY

For users who have little or no previous experience in Electronic Counter Measures IPS offer an initial one day’s training. This is essential knowledge so that participants understand what they are looking for and where these type of devices can be hidden. It is also important participants appreciate the limitations of listening devices for example, what can be done with the aid of electronic counter measures and, even more important, what can’t be done. This also covers physical search techniques which are an essential part of any counter measures search. During the day students are shown a variety of ‘bugging’ devices ranging from the simple to the sophisticated.

Electronic Counter Measures  2nd and 3rd DAY

With the knowledge gained from the earlier course, the participants will now be able to understand more fully the operation of electronic counter measures equipment such as the OSCOR GREEN, ORION 2,4 Non Linear Junction Detector and TALAN Telephone & Line Analyser. Each piece of equipment is explained in detail with a ‘hands-on’ approach to ensure the attendees fully understand the operational procedures. During the day several of the transmitters used on the previous course are deployed so the team can see the real time result using the equipment. Finally a practice search is carried out to access the trainees knowledge in the use of the ECM equipment.

Electronic Counter Measures 4th Day

Where time and budget permits the third day is used to instruct the participants in the more advanced methods of surveillance and the associated electronic counter measures. During the day several practice sweeps are carried out to help the students gain experience and confidence in the use of the electronic counter measures equipment whilst having an instructor on hand.
As mentioned, I.P.S, have been responsible for training numerous government, MoD’s and corporate agencies around the world and from this experience we have found it best to keep the training on an informal basis. This allows the individuals to interrupt and ask questions rather than be ‘towed’ along missing various vital points.
Our training price is based on a daily rate of £1,000 for up to three people, extra personnel charged at £350 per day. In the UK this includes morning coffee etc. For overseas training, hotel accommodation and return flight must be added together with one or two further days to cover traveling time. Days 1 or 4 can be excluded depending on the experience of the search team.

For more details contact please contact our London office on +44(0)20 72583771 or use the contact form provided.