REI MESA Mobility Enhanced Spectrum Analyzer


REI MESA Mobility Enhanced Spectrum Analyzer

REI Portable Spectrum Analyzer/ Bug Detection System

The MESA™  Mobility Enhanced Spectrum Analyzer available now from IPS London:


The NEW REI MESA™ is a portable, handheld RF receiver that defines a new class of TSCM device, designed to detect known, unknown, illegal, disruptive or interfering transmissions from illicit hidden bugging or surveillance devices. MESA™ has the portability and operational features not found on other spectrum analyzers. It provides tools, specifications and design features for locating unknown signals throughout a wide frequency range up to 6 GHz (12 GHz with the Down Converter antenna).  MESA™ has a new Patent Pending SmartBars™ operational mode that displays signal activity in a bar graph.

Efficiency: MESA™ is easy to set up and puts sweep data at your fingertips with user-friendly navigation. Auto antenna recognition makes changing antennas a snap.

Usability: Full touchscreen control provides quick access to Spectrum, WiFi, Bluetooth®, Mobile Bands, and SmartBars™ modes.

Portability: Portable, the handheld unit can sweep target areas using a full selection of fixed, bracket mounted, and handheld antennas/probes.




(See User Review Below)

  • Detect RF WiFi, Bluetooth­®, cell phones, illicit transmissions
  • Interference detection & troubleshooting
  • RF research and development
  • Wireless industry developers
  • Intelligence protection
  • Communications Site Surveys
  • Eavesdropping detection
  • RF emissions analysis
  • Spectrum misuse investigation



Having had hands on the new REI MESA in prototype form and used it across the last months here’s a quick review: This is a seriously well-considered addition to REI’s already impressive TSCM solutions. The Oscor Blue, Andre, Orion and Talan, The engineers have obviously listened to client-side as this kit sits perfectly in between the Oscor and Andre systems, borrowing functionality and capabilities from both. Persistence and Waterfall, Sig List Generation, Baseline and automatic Math Calculation are present in really efficient formats ( SMART BARS) the addition of GSM, Bluetooth and WIfi monitoring with the same ease is another reason this kit deserves a place in any serious TSCM kit list.

The uniquely small form factor makes the MESA immensely portable, the addition of Andre like covert probes and haptic feedback extends the MESA TSCM in field application considerably.  If we could only take one small piece of kit the MESA fits the bill perfectly. It’s not the OSCOR or the Andre but it’s a brilliant amalgamation of the two and a great new product that stands alone in the current market.

Signal List Generation highlights areas of interest instantly tracking spectrum for changes and logging details



We were particularly impressed with the new SMART BARS feature. The ability to automatically create background/baseline scans and then instantly see changes in the RF arena, tapping to interrogate signals as they appear is a great function and one that will enable different non-specialised security personal to operate it without the kind of training needed for many of REI’s core and more complex systems. A key highlight of SMART BARS is the ability to monitor GSM bandwidths along with dedicated Bluetooth and Wifi monitoring. Again REI labs have done a great job with the UI, its functionality is efficient and simple, a great leap forward for government level TSCM sweep teams.




  • MESA™ displays a full range of frequency data to 6GHz (12GHz with the Down Converter Antenna)
  • Sweep modes:
    • Spectrum Analyzer: zoom, screen lock, frequency span, start/stop frequencies, resolution bandwidth, centre frequency
    • SmartBars™:  displays new or increased RF energy in a bar graph
    • Mobile Bands: displays RF in specific bands (i.e. Wifi, GSM, etc.)
    • WiFi: displays nearby access points and relative signal strength
    • Bluetooth®displays nearby pairing activity
  • Display Features: Persistence, Raster Waterfall, Spectral Power Histogram (RSSI), Peak Trace, Average Trace, Patent Pending Cached Peak
  • Display & Controls:  7in/18cm capacitive touch screen with brightness and zoom controls
  • MCP (Multi-Carrier Probe): Carrier Current, Visible Light/IR, Ultrasonic, Audio Transformer, and Acoustic Leakage
  • Antenna Probe Recognition automatically detects REI antennas/probes and adjusts the display
  • Audio Demodulation: AM/FM
  • Alerts:  haptic, audible, and visible
  • Remote Access:  Ethernet port for VNC remote access
  • Signal List Generation:  Manual or automatic depending on the mode
  • GPS:  Removable USB, captures and saves GPS data
  • Audio:  Built-in speaker and external headphones with adjustable volume control.
  • Microphone port for Acoustic Leakage Probe and Audio Transformer
  • Data Ports:  2 USB 2.0 Type-A ports for software upgrades, file storage, file transfer
Sweep Speed:  >200 GHz/second
Operating Freq. Range:  10 kHz – 6 GHz /*12 GHz
Resolution Bandwidth Variable depending on span: 0.0380 kHz to 312.5 kHz
Instantaneous Bandwidth:  25 MHz
DANL – Noise Floor:  500 kHz RBW with Pre-amp: -102 dBm
Attenuation:  0 dB, 10 dB, 20 dB, Auto
Preamp:  +15 dB
Detection Types:  RF, Carrier Current, Acoustic Leakage, IR/Visible Light, Ultrasonic
Spurious Free Dynamic Range:  81.6 dB
Receiver Type:  Swept-tuned Superheterodyne
Audio Demodulation AM/FM demodulation with filter options: Auto, 200 kHz, 20 kHz, 5 kHz
Input Port:  QMA connector (RF input) for included and auxiliary RF antennas
Supply AC:  100-240V/50-60Hz; single rechargeable Li-ion battery (includes 1 spare)
Run Time:   ~3 hours (typical) per battery
Charge time:   ~3 hours per battery (typical)
Unit Dimensions:  5 x 8 x 2 in /13 x 20 x 5 cm
Unit Weight:  2.4lbs/1.1kg including battery
Case Dimensions:  6 x 15 x 18.5in / 16 x 38 x 47cm
Case/Contents Weight:  15lbs. / 6.8kg
Operating temperature:   -10° to 53° C
Battery charging temperature:   5° to 37° C
Storage temperature:   -20° to 60° C

IPS are the largest distributor for REI products outside the US and with twenty-five years specialising in the procurement, supply and training of TSCM equipment.  With this wealth of experience with REI equipment  IPS of London remain the first choice for most governments and law enforcement agencies around the world. Having made a major stocking commitment to the MESA, IPS are able to quote the earliest possible delivery once production starts in late June.